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About Us

In the cold December winter of 2021, Walter Cook had an idea: to build a customer-driven IT cloud business to better serve the northeast. The goal was not to be the biggest; he just wanted it to be the best. That is how Ark Technology Companies was founded.

The fundamental belief was that to build a company that is going to make a significant impact, it needed to start with people who share the same mission of building a strong client success culture. To do this he needed to bring together a diverse group of the most reliable and thought-provoking people in the business.

In April 2022, Ark purchased DCi of Branchburg, New Jersey. DCi’s sole purpose was to support its clients in their field of choice, whether it be education, retail, or finance. DCi brought in strategic “acquihires” who shared the same mission as Ark.

In November 2022, Ark acquired VerisVisalign, a strategic Microsoft partner who has enabled seamless transition to the cloud for its clients. Guided by their company values of integrity, commitment, tolerance, and, above all, kindness, VerisVisalign has the ability and drive to be an integral part of Ark’s aggressive growth strategy.

In just a little over twelve months, Ark Technology Companies has grown to offices spanning five locations with a diverse group of employees committed to client success.

While we are proud of what has been built in a short period of time, like any great story, this is only the beginning!

Our Team

Walter Cook


Frank Lincks


Deborah Moses

VP Sales

Matt Pomara

VP Sales

Tim Flite

Cloud Solutions

Courtney Boches


Gary Eckert


Todd Stuchlik

Cloud Operations

Kaleigh Colavito


Dan McMahon


Josh Lipton

Advanced Analytics

Steve Antoshak

Technical Delivery

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