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Data & Application Innovation

Embark on a journey of transformation with our services. Experience the forefront of innovation as we redefine the landscape of data and applications. Your path to efficiency and excellence starts here.

Data & Application Innovation | Ark Technology Consultants

Artificial Intelligence in the Business Environment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming how businesses across industries operate. By partnering with Microsoft, we offer a suite of AI solutions that open doors to unparalleled opportunities such as insights from data, streamlined processes, and enhanced customer interactions. Ark Technology Consultants is your indispensable partner in this transformative journey.

Why Choose Us?

We have a deep understanding of the AI landscape and a proven track record in successfully integrating Microsoft technologies. With strategic partnerships with industry leaders like EasyVista, we propel your business toward a future of continuous success.

Our Expertise

Navigating the AI Journey with Ark

In a world increasingly driven by AI innovation, navigating the AI landscape requires a level of expertise that Ark Technology Consultants excels in. We’re not just consultants; we’re your comprehensive guides in AI adoption. We craft strategies that align AI solutions with your unique business goals, whether it’s crafting AI models, integrating them seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, or providing ongoing support and maintenance.

Our Services Include:

  • Strategy Development: Crafting tailored AI strategies that align with your goals.
  • Seamless Integration: Effective implementation of AI solutions into your existing ecosystem.
  • Ongoing Support: Ensuring that your organization maximizes the benefits of AI technology.
Data & Application Innovation | Ark Technology Consultants
EasyVista ITSM Teams Bot

Transform Your IT Operations

As strategic partners with EasyVista—a global leader in IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM)—we are uniquely positioned to transform your IT operations. Our decade-long alignment with EasyVista allows us to manage every phase, from sales and software implementation to comprehensive support.


  • Streamlined service and support delivery through powerful ITSM, AI, and automation.
  • Recognition on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for robust and mature ITSM offerings.
  • Integration of Microsoft tools like Teams to maximize both Microsoft and our in-house expertise.

Who Can Benefit?

Industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, and Education can significantly improve their IT operations by leveraging our EasyVista solutions.


Data Management Tailor-Made for K-12 Schools

Arkitech is a cutting-edge data management and visualization solution tailor-made for K-12 schools. Our exclusive data ingestion process integrates with top student management systems, allowing us to extract vital student and exam details effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Data Ingestion and Visualization: Utilizing S3, Amazon Athena, DynamoDB, and AWS Glue.
  • User-Friendly Interface: A single, user-friendly application for educators.
  • Amazon QuickSight Integration: For clear, bespoke visual insights.
Data & Application Innovation | Ark Technology Consultants

Why Arkitech?

Arkitech empowers schools to fine-tune their data views, track key metrics, and design custom forms, thereby addressing individual student needs efficiently and effectively.

Data & Application Innovation | Ark Technology Consultants
HireArk: Revolutionizing the K-12 Hiring Process

Efficiency in Hiring

HireArk offers an end-to-end hiring solution designed to simplify and accelerate the K-12 hiring process. By integrating with OLAS, Microsoft Power Apps, and Calendly, we offer a holistic hiring solution.

HireArk | Ark Technology Consultants
Core Functions:

  • Seamless Integration with OLAS: Every new candidate for your job posting is sourced directly and promptly.
  • Microsoft Power Apps: Dive deeper into your candidates’ profiles with the capability to create custom rubrics.
  • Centralized Dashboard: Access resumes, cover letters, and OLAS links all in one place.
Advanced Features:

  • AI-Powered Resume Prescreening: Utilizing ChatGPT to provide you with quick insights into candidates’ expertise.
  • Calendly Integration: Automating the interview scheduling process, thereby reducing delays and making coordination a breeze.

Ark Technology Consultants

Ark Technology Consultants is your full-service partner. From day-to-day support to full implementation and optimization projects or assisting with your licensing requirements, to providing short and long-term staff augmentation.


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